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I am a Guitar Tech with 11 plus years experience and a performing/professional musician for the last 19. I have worked in the UK, Europe, Canada and have now settled in the USA where I'm building guitars. 
I have passion for Tele蘗s & Esquire蘗s... so this is where I specialize. I am a one man shop, so I can keep cost down and offer buyers good value. I have worked on and owned many vintage guitars over the years I currently own a 62 Fender Stratocaster, a 69 Telecaster and 64 a Gretsch which I purchased approximately 16 years ago, at reasonable prices, but if I had to replace these at today's market value, I couldn't. So I'm hesitant to gig with them and use them mainly for recording. It's for this reason I started to build my own guitars that I could  take on the road, guitars with a vintage look, feel and tone, using only quality components, with an affordable price. 


All my builds come with the best quality bodies, necks, parts, components.and electronics. But these things alone  doesn蘗t necessarily equate to a great playing instrument, set-up of a guitar is equally as important. All D-lux guitars are personally set-up by yours truly and play like professional instruments. This knowledge and ability can only come from years of experience and as the saying goes 蠟Three is no substitute..... for experience.蠡
Callum John

(All photos on this page are of guitars that I have built & sold.. To view in a higher resolution, just click on the image.
I also do custom build orders starting at $1150.00. (takes 6-8 weeks) 
Custom relic necks, starting at $350.00
Custom relic harness $85.00
Vintage restoration on a quotaion basis (see pic #6)
Relicing on a quotaion basis

(All photos on this page are guitars that I have built and sold, to view in a higher resolution, just click on the image), 

57 T-Type  Relic Quartersawn Maple Neck: Great Neck....Beyond my expectations. Thanks! Don Ritter, Category 5 Amplification. Texas USA July 2013
63 T-Type Relic Rosewood Neck: Awsome neck and great dude...Thanks Callum. Peloppia, Valencia, Spain. June 2013
57 T- Type看Daphne Blue Heavy Relic:看Love the guitar, your craftsmanship is excellent. It compares with and exceeds any custom builder out there. Your attention to detail is amazing. With the D-Lux guarantee its a no brainer. 看Ebay ID:看cubicub看April 7th, 2013
50蘗s Topbound E-Type Vintage Blonde
This guitar is Beautiful ! Fantastic, better than expected !Incredibly hip-looking....can't wait to get it out there... 

Brad Bryant April 2012  http://bedrockradio.com

54 E-Type Blonde
Meticulous! Great Seller! Highly recommended! , thanks!!!
Ebay member ID: nyiknyik  March 2012

57 Surf Green T-Type
Killer 57 Tele! Plays and sounds like an old dear friend! You really did a remarkable job Callum, It's got every bit of the cool vibe...of a Custom Shop. And you know what they cost! Thank You so much. Cheers, Dan. 
Daniel J Furber , June 2012
Ebay member ID: member564234

59 Shell Pink T-Type
The guitar  is simply awesome...Thank you!
Mark Osborne , July 2012
Tuen 看Mun, NT Hong Kong

63 Rosewood T-Type Neck
Great neck! Superfast delivery! Superb communication! ...and thanks for the CD!
Ebay member ID: RoyalCarter, Umea, Sweden



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A VINTAGE LOOK, FEEL AND TONE..... WITHOUT a vintage price tag!

The D-lux promise....every D-lux guitar is meticulously put together and professionally set up, I only sell guitars I would want to own myself. I guarantee 100% satisfaction, I don't want any unhappy customers.